What are typical grounds for wrongful eviction?

Different Bay Area cities have different eviction protections. San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley provide for more eviction protection than many other communities, resulting in more cases of wrongful eviction. For example, San Francisco has 16 just causes for eviction, and if a landlord evicts you without having one of those just causes, that landlord has most likely violated the law. This would allow the tenant to file a lawsuit for wrongful eviction. The 16 just causes that allow a landlord to legally evict a tenant in San Francisco are the ... Read more

Court Upholds San Francisco’s Eviction Protections for Teachers

A California appellate court has upheld San Francisco’s added restrictions on evicting teachers and other school employees during the school year. The appellate court reversed the trial court’s ruling, which had held that the ban conflicted with state law and was therefore invalid. In April 2016, San Francisco amended its rent ordinance to expand eviction protections. The expanded protections were: A landlord cannot evict a teacher, or anyone who works at a school, during the school year using an owner move-in; relative move-in; ... Read more

San Francisco Rent Board Announces Next Year’s Annual Allowable Rent Increase Will Be 1.6%

The San Francisco Rent Board announced the annual allowable rent increase for rent increases that go into effect between March 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019. The annual allowable rent increase will be 1.6%. The annual allowable limit for rent increases that went into effect between March 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018 is 2.2%. This amount is calculated as 60% of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for All Urban Consumers in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose region, which was 2.7%. Note that the annual rent increase applies to base rent only. If par... Read more

Oakland Votes to Require Relocation Payments for Owner Move-In Evictions

Oakland’s City Council just voted to require landlords to make relocation payments to tenants when performing an owner move-in eviction, relative move-in eviction, or an eviction for condo conversion.* This will extend relocation payments to all no-fault evictions. Relocation payments were already required for Ellis Act and code compliance evictions. According to the proposed legislation, the relocation payments are dependent upon how many bedrooms are in the unit: $9,875 per unit for units with three or more bedrooms; $8,000 per units fo... Read more

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